HMCE Crest

Founded in 1987, Harvard Model Congress Europe (HMCE) is an educational student organization conference run exclusively by undergraduates at Harvard College.

HMCE is the premier international government simulation available to high school students. Throughout the last quarter century, the conference has grown significantly with over 500 students attending our 2017 conference in Madrid. Over the past 30 years, HMCE has had a rich and diverse history from our inaugural conference in Luxembourg, to Paris, Athens, Brussels, and now Madrid. HMCE also has sister conferences in Boston, San Francisco, Hong Kong, São Paulo, and Dubai. Each year, our conference is privileged to welcome the unique contributions of excellence featured by many talented delegations, coming from all over Europe and the world.

First and foremost a teaching institution, our conference stands out from any other because of its fundamental mission to provide the most comprehensive programmatic model to foster individual and group learning.  The conference challenges students to simulate and engage in the same issues that actual government organizations, including the United States Congress, courts, and international bodies are facing. From debating bills and resolutions to negotiating with other Congresspeople and countries, each student will have the opportunity to both examine and actively discuss some of the most important problems and solutions concerning the United States and the world.

Through role-play and simulation of open debates, caucuses, trials, press conferences, and testimonies, students will develop a stronger understanding of civic involvement and government function. They will hone critical skills including making compromises, public speaking, and negotiation strategies that they will be able to apply in a variety of settings as they pursue any career that involves interacting with other individuals and organizations. Students in our conferences are able to explore their own strengths and weaknesses while learning from and along with their peers.

Additionally, our conference is fortunate to allow students to work with one of the highest quality staffing team. Each year, our Executive Board selects approximately 30 of the most accomplished Harvard undergraduates, all of who also serve at the largest Harvard Model Congress conference in Boston, to staff our conference. These students have shown incredible devotion to the conference mission and feature diversified interests and perspectives in the fields of government, civics and politics. In fact, many members of our staff have served in some capacity for the actual government organizations that they lead at the conference.

HMCE 2018 will feature a diverse array of committees. In the Domestic Programs, these committees include the District Court, United States House of Representatives, Media, National Security Council, United States Senate, and the Supreme Court. In the International Programs, these committees include the European Commission, World Health Organization, the United Nations Security Council, and many other influential groups.

In addition to the conference, delegations attending HMCE 2018 will have access to traditional services including a comprehensive online briefing book written and published by our staffing team, pre-conference assignments with feedback from staffers, and access to e-mailing staffers with any questions on political issues and applying to colleges in the United States. Continuing after the success of last year, HMCE 2018 also intends to bring back curriculum guides for faculty and student pre-conference preparation, opportunities to video conference with staffers during HMCE office hours, and hosting of a pen pal program for delegates to correspond with American high school students. Please read the “Conference Welcome” for more information on these initiatives.