Financial Aid

We are pleased to announce Harvard Model Congress Europe’s revamped Financial Aid Program, which builds on our successful Scholarship Program from years past. In addition to helping make HMCE financially accessible for students from various socioeconomic backgrounds, the Financial Aid Program will also help need-based award winners succeed at the conference by providing mentorship from a member of the HMCE Board: the Director of Educational Initiatives. We are excited to pilot this mentorship in the inaugural year of the Director of Educational Initiatives position.

Financial aid program applications will open September 24. All applications, including a Faculty Advisor Recommendation, will be due November 9. The application and recommendation form are linked below:

If you have any questions about the financial aid program, please reach out to our Director of Communications, Jessie Rodriguez, at

HMCE awards need-based financial aid to select students who may not ordinarily be able to attend the conference due to financial considerations. Through this program, we hope to expand the opportunity to participate in this unique and valuable event to a greater number of students. It is our belief that increasing the socioeconomic diversity of the conference enhances the experience for all involved. Bringing together students from a wider variety of backgrounds provides the conference with new perspectives, brings novel ideas to the table, and stimulates fruitful debate. Though all students that are eligible to attend the conference are welcome and encouraged to apply to the financial aid program, the goal of the program is to make HMCE accessible to students who would not otherwise be able to attend, and financial need will thus be the primary consideration in awarding financial aid.

HMCE will award two types of financial aid this year: full and partial. This financial aid includes:

  • Waived delegate fee (full/partial)
  • Waived hotel fee (full/partial in some circumstances)
  • Travel cost compensation (full)

The distinction between the type of financial aid received will rest on a student’s particular level of financial need and the distance between the student’s home and our conference in Madrid.