Organization Staff

African Union

International Committee

Lainey Newman

Lainey is a sophomore living in Harvard’s Adams House and hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She intends to concentrate in Government with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. Lainey cares deeply about teaching young people the importance of democracy and government, which is why she wanted to get involved with HMC. For fun, Lainey likes to spend time with friends and family and cheer for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Penguins, and Steelers. Lainey is excited to chair at HMCE 2019!

Michele Wang

Michele is a sophomore in Harvard’s Leverett House from northern Virginia and concentrates in Applied Math with a focus in Computer Science. She loves the great learning experience HMC provides to both delegates and staffers, and she is extremely excited to staff HMCE 2019! When not participating in HMC, Michele enjoys being involved in Harvard’s undergraduate consulting club, Women in Computer Science, and The Crimson, Harvard’s undergraduate-run newspaper. In her free time, she loves to read, jam out to Taylor Swift, and spend time with her friends, family, and dog.

British House of Commons

International Committee

Ben Delsman

Ben, a senior originally hailing from the beautiful state of Oregon, studies Economics and Government at Harvard. When not writing RapGenius comments on Kanye lyrics, you can usually find Ben hiking or playing intramural basketball poorly. He is excited to share his passion for all things political!

Alexandra Norris

Alexandra is a sophomore living in Harvard’s Cabot House and studying Economics. She is interested in the public policy aspects of economics and hopes to one day become a lawyer. At Harvard, Alexandra is a leader in the Freshman Outdoors Program, a tutor for incarcerated young men, and the Director of Outreach and Scholarships for HMC Asia. In her free time, Alexandra enjoys hiking, biking, fishing, and being with friends. Alexandra has staffed HMC conferences in Asia and Boston and is beyond excited for HMCE 2019!

District Court

Domestic Committee

Ben Austin

Ben is a junior at Harvard studying Social Studies. He is particularly interested in exploring the role the internet plays in determining social and political outcomes. He has lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts his whole life, and as such has extensive knowledge of good food spots near Harvard (ask him for recommendations if you are ever near Harvard!). When he is not working, Ben likes to hang out with his friends and work with the Policy Program at Harvard’s Institute of Politics.

European Commission

International Committee

William Delaney

William is a senior at Harvard studying Economics and Linguistics. He grew up in the town of Manhasset on Long Island, New York. In addition to HMC, William is a historical tour guide, and he is involved in some business organizations on campus. HMCE 2019 will be his eleventh HMC conference and second HMCE. William is excited to make the upcoming conference HMCE’s best year yet!

Group of 20

International Committee

Joon Yang

Joon, a senior from Seoul, Korea, is pursuing a degree in Computer Science with a focus in Natural Language Processing. He is a veteran of the Republic of Korea 26th Mech. Infantry and UN Peacekeeping Operation in Lebanon. Outside the classroom, Joon spends most of his time as the executive director of Raise Uganda Now, a non-profit dedicated to taking care of 45 orphans in rural Uganda.

Group of 24

International Committee

Kemi Akenzua

Kemi, a junior from Los Angeles, concentrates in History and Science with a focus in Technology, Information, and Society. She has staffed HMC conferences in Asia, San Francisco, and Boston and loves the Europe conference! In addition to HMC, she is on board of Women in Computer Science, writes for the Harvard Crimson, and works as a barista in a student-run cafe. She loves traveling, cooking, giving tours of Los Angeles, and referencing The Office. She is so excited to staff G24 this year!

House Intelligence

Domestic Committee

Elizabeth Herington

Elizabeth is a junior at Harvard studying Economics. She grew up in Dallas, Texas and has also lived in California and New Jersey. She has staffed HMC conferences in Boston and Madrid. Outside of HMC, she is involved in the US Navy Reserve Officers' Training Corps. She enjoys traveling, being with friends, and reading in her free time.

Nick Pagel

The son of a Marine, Nick spent most of his formative years in Japan, travelling across Asia and absorbing the diverse culture. While there, he developed a passion for politics. His interest only grew after attending HMC Asia for two years. As a senior at Harvard, he is concentrating in Molecular and Cellular Biology, but his love of government drew him back to HMC, where he enjoys indulging his political inclinations with those who share his interests.

House Science, Space, & Technology

Domestic Committee

Audrey Mustoe

Audrey is a sophomore at Harvard from Salinas, California. She is studying Neurobiology and plans to attend medical school. Outside of HMC, Audrey loves working as an EMT for Harvard’s emergency medical service, CrimsonEMS. She also loves to sing with her a cappella group, the Harvard LowKeys, and spend time at home with her family and dog Roxy. She is looking forward to staffing HMCE for the first time this year!

Matt Ontiveros

Matthew is a junior living Harvard’s Kirkland House and studying Applied Math. At Harvard, Matt is a cadet in Air Force ROTC, training to become an officer in the Air Force. Additionally, he is a leader for the Freshman Outdoor Program, which entails leading backpacking trips in the woods for six days. Matt is originally from Sacramento, California and, in his spare time, loves to go hiking and tell stories with friends.


Domestic Committee

Regina Fairfax

Regina, a junior from Chevy Chase, Maryland, concentrates in Psychology with a secondary in English. She started HMC as a delegate and has since staffed conferences in Boston, Asia, and San Francisco; she is super excited to staff HMCE 2019! Outside of HMC, she is a member of the Small Claims Advising Service and tutors and mentors on campus. She loves Beyoncé and all food. She hopes to go to law school after graduating from Harvard!

National Security Council

Domestic Committee

Gene Chang

Gene is a senior at Harvard and from Seoul, Korea. He is pursuing a degree in Social Studies with a focus on democracy in Korea. A veteran of the Republic of Korea Army Special Forces, Gene is involved with the Harvard Veterans Organization and spends his free time playing squash and soccer (real life and FIFA). He is an avid Premier League fan (Spurs all the way), and he is excited to meet everyone at HMCE 2019!

Presidential Cabinet

Domestic Committee

Will Matheson

Will is a sophomore at Harvard studying Government. In addition to working with Harvard Model Congress, Will is also involved with Harvard’s Institute of Politics, where he writes polls of young Americans and encourages them to vote. In his free time, he loves to snowboard, hike, or bike in the mountains near his hometown in Utah.

Starr Rhee

Starr Rhee is a Sophomore at Harvard College from Nashville, Tennessee. She plans on studying Government with a secondary in Spanish. Starr enjoys reading, eating, watching Netflix, and talking about politics in the American South. Outside of Model Congress, she also works in the Harvard Admissions Office and coaches a high school debate team in Boston!

Senate Foreign Relations

Domestic Committee

Rachel Chiu

Rachel is a senior at Harvard studying Women and Gender with a focus in post-colonial philosophy. She is also pursuing a minor in Psychology. She is passionate about learning languages and has a citation in Spanish and is working on one in French. She adores HMC and has staffed conferences in Hong Kong (incidentally, her hometown), Dubai, Boston, Mexico City, and Madrid. Outside of HMC, Rachel loves to read for fun (a novel idea), bike, and eat good food. She cannot wait for HMCE 2019!

Senate Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions

Domestic Committee

Dustin Chiang

Dustin, a senior from Fremont, California, studies Government with a secondary in Economics. He is excited to return for his fourth and final year at HMCE. Dustin has also staffed conferences in Boston, Seoul, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Sao Paulo. Dustin teaches civics at local public schools, leads tours for Harvard’s Admissions Office, and is the President of Harvard’s Institute of Politics. He enjoys watching TV, playing board games, trying delicious foods, and watching Oakland Athletics baseball.

Senate Judiciary

Domestic Committee

Cate Pinto

Cate is a junior studying Applied Math with a focus in Computer Science and Economics. She spent most of her life in Boston, but now lives outside of Philadelphia. When she’s not staffing HMC, she is involved with Harvard’s Institute of Politics and first-year student advising program. In her free time, she loves going to spin and playing with her sister’s dog. This will be her 10th HMC conference, and she is so excited to meet everyone at HMCE 2019!

Supreme Court

Domestic Committee

Daniel Ragheb

Supreme Court

Daniel is a junior studying Neurobiology and Government. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, which he loves for its summer weather and In-N-Out (a burger chain). Daniel’s favorite color is blue. He loves long walks on the beach and his puppy named Rose. When he is not doing HMC, which he absolutely loves, he is probably napping, playing sports, or eating. On campus, Daniel is an EMT, performs improv, and takes pictures for the yearbook!

Melvin Woo

Melvin is a senior at Harvard studying Government and Computer Science. Outside of HMC, he has been involved in Harvard’s Institute of Politics, peer advising, and Expressions Dance Company. This will be Melvin’s 19th HMC conference, including his time as a delegate in HMC as a high school student, along with conferences in Asia, Boston, San Francisco, and Latin America. Although he is disappointed that this will be his last HMC conference, he is excited to get to work with an amazing group of delegates once again!

United Nations Children's Fund

International Committee

Nick Eynon

Nick, a junior living in Harvard’s Kirkland House, studies Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology with a secondary in Global Health and Health Policy. Nick has staffed HMCs in Boston, Hong Kong, and Madrid, and he currently serves as President for HMC San Francisco. Outside of HMC, Nick is a member of the Expressions Dance Company, a hip hop dance group run entirely by students. He also serves as a Team Leader for FYRE, a pre-orientation program for underrepresented students. Nick can often be found searching Harvard Square for good food, catching up with friends, or running along the river near Harvard’s campus.

Charlie Michael

Charlie is a junior at Harvard, and he hails from Hong Kong, Beijing, and San Diego, California. At Harvard, he is pursuing a concentration in Social Studies with a focus on urban development. Outside of the classroom, Charlie is an avid photographer, and you can often spot him with camera in hand. HMCE 2019 will be Charlie's fourth HMC conference!

United Nations Human Rights Council

International Committee

Narayan Narasimhan

Narayan is a senior at Harvard from Shaker Heights, Ohio. He is pursuing a degree in Social Studies with a citation in Arabic. When he is not participating in HMC, he spends his time with the South Asian Association and the Harvard Admissions Office. In his free time, Narayan loves to watch films and travel the world as much as possible. Narayan has staffed five conferences and has served on the board of three, and he is excited to work with all of you at HMCE 2019!

United Nations Security Council

International Committee

Raquel Leslie

Raquel, a senior from Danvers, Massachusetts living in Harvard’s Dunster House, concentrates in Government and East Asian Studies with a language citation in Mandarin Chinese. She joined HMCE in 2017 as a senior staffer in the Group of 20 committee and served as the Director of International Programs for HMCE 2018. When she is not participating in HMC, she advises Harvard first-years and tutors for Harvard employees seeking US citizenship. In her free time, Raquel loves to go to concerts and take her dog for walks.

World Health Organization

International Committee

Andrew Yang

Andrew, a junior at Harvard College from Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, is pursuing a degree in Bioengineering with a secondary in Computer Science. When he is not participating in HMC, he spends his time directing the Harvard Taiwan Leadership Conference and working with Harvard's Engineers Without Borders group. In his free time, Andrew loves to run and play chess. HMCE will be Andrew's fifth HMC conference. He is super excited to meet you all there!